Strangers on a World Poetry Day

Fleur Adcock, the Auckland born; now UK resident poet, editor, and translator recently celebrated her 80th birthday, and for World Poetry Day we would like to acknowledge her contribution to the world of poetry.

The British poet Fiona Sampson in a Guardian review of Adcock’s 2013 collection Glass Wings observed:

Like her fellow New Zealander [Katherine Mansfield], Adcock is a literary writer in her limpid, apparently artless style and the precise emotional intelligence of her observations. It's a technique whose ambition is revealed, as was Mansfield's, in its modernising effect. Informality and immediacy are vivid ways to remake a world; and Adcock's style has not dated in the half-century since her debut.

Here, as an instance of Adcock’s 'informality and immediacy' is her reading of 'Strangers on a Tram' from the 2010 collection Dragon Talk.