Edwin's Egg 20

Beside the wartime egg a miniature easel, removed from within for the photograph, supported a painting the size of a postage stamp showing the Czar and his son in a grassy field under trees, conferring with the staff generals at the Front.

Circus group in Hastings
Reference number: 1/1-019253-G

Edwin's Egg 19

He smoothed the next page to examine his favourite. This was the last egg, the Steel Military Egg of 1916, surmounted by the Imperial crown in gold, executed in blackened steel and poised on the points of four miniature artillery shells.

Centurion tank
Reference number: 114/178/06-G

Edwin's Egg 18

Inside the Romanov Egg, a globe displaying historical maps of the Russian Empire, the landmasses described in gold on a blue sea.

Members of the British Antarctic Expedition of 1911-1913 around a Midwinter Day tree at Antarctica, 22 Jun 1911
Reference number: 114/356/07-G

Edwin's Egg 17

His yolk was warm amber in a white crucible. He dipped a soldier in and sucked it.

New Zealander Artillery soldier eating toast in forward areas of the Italian Front
Reference number: DA-04910-F

Edwin's Egg 16

The Romanov Tercentenary Egg, he read aloud, chased with gold double-headed eagles and crowns framing eighteen miniature likenesses of Romanov rulers within rose diamond borders, rested on a pedestal in the form of the Imperial Eagle.

Display advertising feather products of the Helvetia Ostrich Company Ltd
Reference number: 1/2-096502-F

Edwin's Egg 15

With the book propped against the golden runner he tapped his egg with the Apostle teaspoon then sliced off the top. The yolk, just hardened, remained a yellow dome. The white shone inside the top like the lining of a doffed hat.

Two eggs on a table
Reference number: 114/257/13-G

Edwin's Egg 14

The larger books first. The Bible, for instance; the Wonders of the World, the Dictionaries, the Engines of War, the Nautical Knots, the Universe. Fabergé Eggs. He paused, opened it.

The Tell-U-Vision entertainer; the wrestling chart published to create a mind picture and increase your appreciation of the radio broadcasts
Reference number: Eph-D-WRESTLING-1930s-01

Edwin's Egg 13

Putting his tray on the small table he studied the bookcase.

Charlotte Beatrice Youmans, Interior of St Pauls Cathedral, Wellington
Reference number: C-119-001

Edwin's Egg 12

He put an egg in boiling water, set the timer and made toast. By the time the egg was done there was a detail of soldiers on the plate, gleaming with butter.

Family breakfasting - Photograph taken by Edward Percival Christensen
Reference number: PAColl-3060-018

Edwin's Egg 11

On the radio in the kitchen Russia was invading Georgia.

Man with miniature radio
Reference number: 114/227/03-G

Edwin's Egg 10

Rapped again, harder. Two passing schoolgirls looked up, open-mouthed, turned and ran. One dropped her schoolbag, scattering things. Bent double she ran back, grabbing books, bag, phone, as if she were under fire.

The evacuation of Sulva Bay. The burning of a million pounds worth of stores; last lighter coming away as dawn broke
Reference number: A-176-003

Edwin's Egg 9

Inside was his wife’s first artificial hip. The slim titanium spike gleamed. Ed pointed it at the window. It nosed aside the lace curtain and rapped on the pane.

Mary Elizabeth Dickie, 1905
Reference number: 1/2-034657-G

Edwin's Egg 8

He blew dust off the carved lid of a lacquered box.

Living/dining room interior
Reference number: 1/1-010493-G