A new Laureate


If I wanted to translate
silence I would have to be
deaf, to remember silence
I would have to recognise
its opposite, for instance
singing, a miracle, not
too much to ask I hope, and
why wouldn’t I hope, why not?

Shadow stands up, stanza 11

Nominations are open for the new Poet Laureate

Kia hiwa ra!
Kia hiwa ra!

It's time to find a new New Zealand Poet Laureate, for the 2013-2015 term.

As ever, we invite your nominations for the role. Tell us who you believe can best represent poets, poetry, and those who love it.

Nominees must have made an outstanding contribution to New Zealand poetry, and be an accomplished and highly regarded poet. They must also be a strong advocate for poetry, and be able to fulfil the public role required of a Poet Laureate, which includes engaging with a wide range of people and inspiring New Zealanders to read and write poetry.

Nominations have now closed. Thank you to all who have nominated someone for this award.

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