r.i.p. pearl 1994-2009

posted by Michele

little eyes

two coffees to go
to Maungauika     above us
the golden bee of the sun
between us the basket     its blanket
and your sleeping head     little dog
you loved this hill     its spiral road
and the grass ghosts singing
in our ears     now you are still
and everything familiar is still
aching     except that black dot
on the horizon     no longer old
and free at last of the slow
obscenity lymphoma
delivered into your trusting body
last night you fell at my feet
and I knew it was over     little dog
you slept one last time
and then we woke you     one last time
there is much to say up here
on the hill     watching you
get further and further away
a frangipani blossom
and a white ginger flower
we will put you into the ground
between the avocado and the titoki
where you stuck your nose
every morning
into the leaves and snorted for joy
white ginger and frangipani
go with you     last things     a shot of cat food and your head
in my hands     love uncloses your eyes
and you see clearly again     little dog
chasing the golden bee of the sun
yes     run over that valley
and chase the birds into the sky

Image: Michele and Pearl, January 2009.
Photo credit: Robbie Duncan

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